EDF was the First Environmental Group
to Partner with Major Corporations

Why EDF?

A 50-year History of Bringing Environmental Solutions to Market

The global non-profit Environmental Defense Fund has been working to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges for over 50 years.

We don’t just look for problems. We create lasting solutions that protect the environment and grow the economy by working with a range of industries, including oil and gas.

A pioneer in developing market-based environmental solutions, we’ve partnered with companies like Walmart, FedEx and McDonalds to improve their operations and environmental performance.

Our goal is simple: find practical and workable solutions to the most serious environmental problems.

Driven by Science, Committed
to Climate Solutions

EDF offers unique expertise in climate science and environmental policy. Our groundbreaking methane research – conducted alongside oil and gas companies—has yielded solutions that are changing corporate operations and government policies around the world.

We understand the critical role methane emissions will play in a low carbon energy market, and our experience in North America, Europe and China give us an unmatched global perspective of the intersection of energy and policy.

Working to Reduce Oil
and Gas Emissions

EDF believes the interplay between sound science, technology and policy is critical to achieving meaningful reductions, and we bring this approach to our work with oil and gas operators and investors around the world.

We designed and coordinated an extensive scientific series that involved more than 140 co-authors from 40 research institutions, as well as 50 oil and gas companies and helped quantify U.S. methane emissions for the first time.

In collaboration with companies such as Shell and ExxonMobil, we contributed to a set of global methane principles that aim to reduce supply chain emissions, and we launched two innovative projects to advance the technologies that will drive low cost emission reductions.

And our groundbreaking project with Google produced street-level maps of pipeline methane leaks in dozens of American cities, providing cities and utilities a visual tool to help prioritize pipeline repairs.